Dryden Goodwin - Skill Screening @ Castledene Shopping Centre

This is a short montage of clips I filmed in Peterlee's Casteleden shopping centre where artist Goodwin's "Skill" was installed in 2014. Skill  is a film by Dryden Goodwin focused on his encounters with 12 people local in the East Durham area. Each person Dryden Goodwin encounters in this new film has a hands-on specialist skill, ranging from tattooing, to snooker playing to horse training.

Goodwin's film encapsulates the drawings he made observing each person at their work, recording the conversations as part of an atmospheric soundtrack.

From October 29 until November 16 Goodwin’s film is projected outdoors and screened at community venues across East Durham, in this short film we see Skill at Castle Dene Shopping Centre in Peterlee, one of two large outdoor screenings taking place. The 12 part film is also available to watch at drydengoodwin-skill.org along with the drawings made in the making of the project.
East Durham Creates Festival 2014 is the first season of work presented as part of a two-year programme of new commissions and events in North East England.
October 29 - November 16, 2014





Skill was commissioned by East Durham Creates. Produced by Forma Arts. East Durham Creates is managed by Beamish, Forma, and East Durham Trust working in partnership. The project is supported by Durham County Council via East Durham Area Action Partnership and funded by Arts Council England.

Film Info

  • Client
    Forma Arts
  • Date
    November 2014