Shimmer 2013

 I was commissioned by Shimmer to document this two day festival in Whitley Bay. It attracted thousands of people who watched and interacted with work by the following artists and performers 

Worldbeaters Music   Spark!
Commissioned for Shimmer 2012, Spark! was an instant hit with audiences.  With compelling music, integrated choreography and stunning lit costumes, Spark! will return by popular demand to animate the site with a dynamic live performance.

Piccolo Cinema   Jack Lockhart
A small cinema tent that seats an audience of 20 people will recreate the magic and wonder experienced by early cinema-goers.  Working with local film archives, Piccolo will present a sci-fi fantasy starring Whitley Bay and Spanish City with reference to early B-movies and more.

BeachHUTS   Andy McKeown
Andy’s installation is the complete opposite of the classic beach hut.  These beach huts will come alive after dark with a mix of audience and community-generated colour schemes, archive and local video footage and live light painting via custom-built software.  Projections will be mapped on all faces of the huts with a torrent of vibrant, dynamic and kaleidoscopic colour.

Zoetrope   David Boultbee of BREAD Art Collective
Developed in the Victorian era as an early form of cinema, a zoetrope is a drum containing a series of images which, when spun, creates an animation.  The idea is taken further by placing a light in the centre of the cylinder of silhouettes to project an animated shadow. David’s zoetrope will be like no other, a larger than life mechanical construction creating moving images in a spectacular fashion.

Tunnel of Love   Realtyne
A classic ride found at funfairs, carnivals and amusement parks, the Tunnel of Love's earliest incarnations took riders on small boats through dark channels where a relaxing or exciting romantic atmosphere was created with visual and audio effects.  Dire Straits immortalised this attraction in their 1980s hit single which references Spanish City.  Realtyne will create their own tunnel of love on the ground floor of Spanish City, using projections and lighting effects that feature archive materials, interviews and memories of the old Spanish City.

Spanish Arcade   Richard Broderick
Inspired by lighting systems used during the Durga Puja celebrations in Kolkatta and arcades of light set up for the Fallas festival in Valencia, the Spanish Arcade will be a beautiful and magical fairground-like attraction.  The Arcade is a jewel-like series of arches over a cage-like structure which is decorated with a system of lights that switch on and off to draw in the spectator. 

Flash Fog   Colin Priest 
Flash Fog was commissioned for the festival in 2011 and returned last year in a slightly different guise.  It returns once again this year, but with a twist and in a completely different location – a haunting natural phenomenon will be turned into a seaside attraction and brought inside the Spanish City Dome. 

Film Info

  • Date
    December 2013
  • Camera
    AF101, GH2
  • Software
    Premiere Pro