Greyscale Theatre Promotional Film

 Greyscale Theatre asked me to film, edit and produce a short promo for their one act play "Gods Are Fallen & All Safety Gone".

Filming took place during a live performance followed by some close up run throughs of a short scene and an interview with writer and director Selma Dimitrijevic. As there was an audience I wanted to have minimal prescence and so I setup my GH2 in the lighting box and tucked myself into a corner of the auditorium with the AF101 on a long lens.

As with most arts organisations (for which I do a reduced rate) budgets are always tight and I offered them advice and suggestions on how they could obtain the most out of the time available. I am always keen to explain the filmmaking process as clearly as possible so that clients understand how it works and what is achievable. Within the budget I also supplied a full length video of the entire performance which can be invaluable to theatre companies looking to book their shows with venues and festivals. 

Film Info

  • Client
    Greyscale Theatre
  • Date
    June 2014
  • Camera
    AF101 & GH2
  • Software
    Premiere Pro